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  Mr. Vijay (Bhai) Girkar
  Mr. Anil Patankar
  Mr. Dattaram Dudam
Gen. Secretory
  Mr. Ashish Deval

From the desk of President & Chairman,

Mallakhamb, which is known as Indian Gymnastics Pole is purely an Indian sport. Surprisingly, the origin of Mallakhamb starts around 250 years ago in Maharashtra when Peshwas were the Rules with Pune as their capital. During this period Sir Balambhat dada Deodhar discovered the power of Mallastambha & successfully introduced exercises on the wooden pole. He not only discovered the new instrument for body development but also prepared the new system of training of course for wrestling. He devoted his full life, in spreading of this new sport apparatus throughout the country.

In this context, in the year 1962 Gymnastics Federation of India started conducting national Mallakhamb Championships along with annual National Gymnastics Chmpionship. Subsequently, in Mumbai & Maharashtra in the year 1964 Maharashtra Amateur Gymnastics Association was formed by Dr. Kalyanpurkar, Shri. Purshottam Sawant, Shri. R.S. Kalyanpurkar, Shri. S.C. Vyas, Shri. Dhotre, Shri. Lale, where Mallakhamb was one of the events along with 10 gymnastics events for men & women.

It was a pleasure moment that on 7th April 1995 Mumbai Upanagar Jilha Mallakhamb Association formerly known as Bombay Suburban district Mallakhamb Association (shortly be named as Mumbai Suburban Mallakhamb or MSMA) was formed under Presidentship of State Shiv Chatrapati Award winner, Dr. Manohar Advankar & Shri. Kailash Khanzode as Secretary. In spite of strong opposition, Shri. Mahendra Chemburkar, also recipient of State Shiv Chatrapati Award, initiated to form MSMA with the assistance of Mallakhamb legends Late Shri. BM Pant, Shri. RS Kalyanpurkar, Shri. Suhas Pathare, Shri. Ramesh Pendharkar, Shri. Mohan Karandikar, Shri Suresh Dahale, Shri. Dilip Choudhary, Shri. Rajan Pradhan, Shri. Sudhakar Dekhane, Smt. Shashi Surve, Shri. Suhas Lohar & Shri. Dattaram Dudam. There was a group of persons who initially opposed in forming such a separate association thinking it might be a challenge to their regime.

MSMA is pleased to celebrate 19th anniversary in the form of "Mallakhamb Day" under the able leadership of Hon'ble MLC Shri. Bhai Girkar & Corporator Hon'ble Shri. Anil Patankar, a challenging leader in Bruhanmumbai Mahanagar Palika as a Chairman of Prabhag Samiti of Chembur area covering M ward. Presently, MSMA is strongly supported by 90 sports & educational institutions of Mumbai suburban & 120 individual life members. The Mallakhamb activity is percolated up to grass root level by this network in Mumbai. Further, 12 Mallakhamb players have been honored with State Shiv Chatrapati Award. MSMA is responsible to produce 18 national, 16 state & 123 district level judges . Many players & coaches have been honoured with "Jilha Krida Puraskar" awarded by Sports & Youth department of the state.

Besides conducting district & state level coaching camps for young & talented players during summer & Diwali vacations, special seminars & examinations for upgrading technical knowledge are also conducted for the senior players & experienced officials to qualify themselves as state/national judges. The scope of Mallakhamb activities are further expandd by conducting invitational competitions & through forming of Taluka level associations. Thus, the participants in this sport are increasing day by day.

Further, with the recent changes in leadership of MSMA, a new wave of enthusiasm is observed in the Office bearers & dedicated members & this assignment of celebrating Mallakhamb day is an output of the same. Fortunately, Maharashtra & particularly Mumbai has a long tradition & healthy legacy of Mallakhamb activities. It is purely an amateur character of the district body without any type of political leverage. Mallakhamb is promoted with sincere & consistent efforts of its dedicated members which resulted into many qualified national judges & players during a short span of 18 years.

You are aware that Mallakhamb activity contains huge paraphernalia of apparatuses of feverous types, mats, crash mats & floor mats for safe performance, safety equipments, training kits, electrical & electronic devises to record touch, timing & points. It is a fact that without financial support of govt. or reputed corporate house, it is not possible to promote this sport. This is one of the major stumbling blocks in its development. We wish to bring professional, technical & technological advances in the coaching, training & organization of competitions.

As you know that it is a sport that combines various exercises that improve body flexibility, strength, co-ordination, agility & stamina along with neuro muscular development. It is a good exercise for complete body especially for backbone. It also includes gymnastics, acrobatics, and aerobics exercises with different yoga positions including somersaults & twisting/tumbling exercises. In short, all the elements keep the spectators spell bound. Theefore, it is known as a basic game for Gymnastics, wresting, judo, Diving, Athletics & Tennis etc.

Besides, MSMA is committed to form International Mallakhamb Federation & Asian Mallakhamb Union so that opportunity can be given to the players to take part in the Asian Mallakhamb Championship & Olympic Games.

You are requested to post your comments so that the level of performance of MSMA & players can be improved.

On this occasion of "Mallakhamb Day" celebration,

 We do expect your worthy co-operation,
 positive response to achieve various aims of the MSMA.
 We expect at least 20 participants of MSMA will take part in the forthcoming state Championship.
 Let us come together to achieve this goal.

Have a happy Mallakhamb day.

Mumbai Upnagar Jilha Mallakhab Association.


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